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The Story of Pii

maybe you remember
our old name:
'Causeway Data Communications'?
well, now we're geopii

geopii is a unique enterprise software company based in Northern Ireland. geopii has transitioned from CDC Ltd, a University of Ulster spin out company, into a new organisation focusing on Location, Value and Technology – our three tenets. The company created and successfully launched the first GIS based property analysis toolset - 'spatialest' for the global public sector taxation market in 2005. Having successfully sold the product globally its success was further underpinned with a Licensing Agreement with the world’s largest public sector Mass Appraisal company, Tyler Technologies, Dallas TX in May 2009. Our client portfolio now has a net worth of over $100 Billion of property assets and our spatialest® valuation product, currently in use globally, generates Billions of $’s in taxable revenue annually.

Our emergence as geopii extends the company’s expertise into the Financial Analytics market through the new product suite, Pii Analytics. Pii Anayltics is a flexible web-based framework designed to provide complex Land, Property and Planning management and valuation solutions. The product is set to address the huge and immediate business challenges affecting the global Financial Industry, specifically within the sectors of Land, Property and Planning. Accurate asset management is now a fundamental objective for the Banking Industry as it strives to deal with legacy issues, risk and exposure.

The name geopii is a hybrid of geographic and mathematic terminology designed to reflect the new market of ‘GeoFinancial Analysis’ in which we now operate. The name provides a quirky yet contemporary tag.

Our Software

Understanding what is going on in the immediate area is fundamental to a strategic review or to any decision making process. An awareness of where the competition is located, an appreciation of the area profile or demographics greatly assist to mitigate against risk and aid the general decision making process.

We develop spatial technology to assist organisations analyse and better manage Land, Property or Planning related data. Find out more

Our Team

Our team comprises a series of peer-recognised Industry experts from sectors including Financial Analytics, Technology Development and Innovation. Our Consultancy operation has a combined total of over 100 years of providing assistance to Public and Private sector organisations through NI, RoI, UK , US and beyond. Our background, as a University spin-out company, provides academic rigour and innovative thinking whilst our staff includes Professors, Doctors and Masters graduates.