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spatialest ® Extensions

extend spatialest
with easy-to-use


Extensions for spatialest offer enhanced functionality and capability within niche application areas.


Web Report


The Web Report creates a comparable sales report based on user-defined criteria. It does not require a spatialest licence and can utilize any RDBMS to create an information rich comparable sales report to support evidence against appeals or supplement existing information.


for in-house
review or for
presentation of
evidence to
an appellant

The web based reporting tool generates a comparable sales report that provides an excellent tool for in-house review or for presentation of evidence to an appellant.  It provides the ability for users to access and interact with the results of spatialest analysis and specifically with the comparables selected as part of that analysis via a web interface. The provision of a map containing an appellants’ property, the comparables used to determine the assessed value and a summary of property attributes and model parameters will often be enough to satisfy or dissuade most appellants. The report will also allow the appraiser to quickly familiarize themselves with the area, the comparables used and the model parameters applied. Individual reports can be generated for every property automatically to allow users to access this information without having to generate a model as the report can be stored and reviewed as an HTML file. The information is accessible via standard browser technology thus providing a corporate resource quickly and easily.


View Web Report
  • Provides a comprehensive profile of core data for in-house review
  • Offers comprehensive evidence for Appellants or Courts
  • Can be accessed quickly and easily via standard browser technology
  • Offers a corporate resource


PDF Report

It is important that the results of any analytical processes can be easily disseminated within an organization in an efficient manner.


use PDF reports
to review results
of analysis &

The PDF comparable report provides an effective and efficient method for performing a desktop in-house review showing the results of spatialest analysis and specifically the comparables selected as part of that analysis.  Individual reports can be generated for either a single property or for a selection of properties at the click of a button.

View Sample (pdf)



  • A map showing the location of the comparable properties in relation to the subject property;
  • A spatialest estimate generated from comparable sales;
  • A summary of the model parameters (number of comps, search distance and iteration number);
  • A list of the comparable rules upon which the property was assessed;
  • A photograph of each property (when available);
  • A summary table comparing pertinent property attributes between the subject property and the comparables used to determine the assessed value.  The information reported upon here is at the discretion of the user. 

spatialest ® CR

Continuous Revision (CR) is the description given to ongoing valuation within the county or organisation. spatialest CR manages data to provide the ability to run and re-run locked models against new or changed data as if it had been included during the original analysis.


Pictometry for spatialest ®

Pictometry International Corp. is a recognized world leader in geo-referenced aerial imaging and software. The extension offers Pictometry functionality within the spatialest user interface.


use aerial imagery
to orientate, measure,
see, plan and make

Pictometry is a unique information system that combines aerial imagery with a software system that has the ability to provide visual intelligence. Geo-referenced oblique imagery extends the benefits of traditional straight-down photography providing a unique perspective view of a locality. It provides the user with the ability to orientate, measure, see, plan and make decisions to a degree not previously possible with traditional ortho photography. Combined with existing vector datasets users can further leverage their geographic information.


  • The ability to identify changes in properties such as extensions which would otherwise be missed
  • The ability to measure the height, length & area of features directly from photography within spatialest
  • The opportunity to reconcile recorded data with actual size to explain analytical anomolies
  • The ability to verify and correct information from the desk provides the means for a very cost effective data and post analysis review process.