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We offer the power of the spatialest® software toolset as part of a comprehensive range of consultancy services including data cleansing, geo-statistical analysis, valuation modelling, predictive analysis and assessment reviews. The services we provide include:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA): This is the process of data cleansing, identification of data patterns, outliers, areas where there are a lack of sales and so forth;
  • Time Trending: Data that has been collected over a period of time, such as house sales, will normally be affected by trends within that time period. Consequently, a Time Adjustment is the sales price of a property adjusted for the effects of price changes in the market between the date of sale and the appraisal. Time Adjustment must be made to the sale date to align all records to a particular date; the Valuation or Antecedent date;
  • Regression Modeling (Additive or Multiplicative): A non-spatial model is built to generate estimates based on a number of independent key value drivers such as living area, grade, garage and so forth;
  • Comparable Modeling: The unique, patented Comparable Model process introduces location to the valuation process by selecting highly similar and locally proximate comps. An estimate of value is generated where the specified number of comps which meet the comp rules are found within the specified search distance.
  • Equity Analysis: Assesses the degree to which assessments bear a consistent relationship to market value. Measures include the coefficient of dispersion (COD), coefficient of variation (COV) and price related differential (PRD).