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Pii Analytics

A framework for
complex property
& valuation

The Challenge

The business challenges in managing land portfolios and property related investments are both huge and immediate. Accurate asset management is now a fundamental objective for the Banking Industry through the UK, Ireland and beyond. The process of collecting, collating, analysing and interpreting necessary data remains both technically challenging and time consuming. Understanding the results is fundamental to managing the challenge.

The Solution

Our innovative and patented technology, Pii Analytics, is a framework for implementing complex property analysis, management and valuation solutions. The platform utilises a highly modular architecture that provides flexibility to integrate data from many different sources into a single, coherent, analytical, decision support system. Pii Analytics presents relevant information in an intuitive, user-friendly, map-based environment. Data sets range from individual property information, planning applications, pricing and mortgage details, right through to macro level trends in pricing and sales, economic activity and population or census indicators, such as deprivation.

Pii Property Analytics


Pii Analytics is fully extensible. Details of retail mortgage loan books and land bank portfolios can be incorporated into the system giving access to a range of off-the-shelf valuation and risk management tools. Clients may also integrate Pii Analytics with their in-house systems to build a full range of custom property valuation and management applications.

For Government

We can help organizations create an information rich environment by joining together disparate data. We do this by leveraging the common denominator in 98% of datasets – geography! Geography allows us to combine a wide variety of data which can be quickly analysed, assessed, aid decision making processes and disseminated.

For Planning

Finding out what data is in the planning system, such as what development has been granted consent, what is due to start, what has started, what has stalled or what is complete can provide a tremendously powerful insight into the planning landscape and therefore assist in key strategic decision making.

Our technology can assist with the creation or review of Planning Policy by leveraging data as diverse as Urban Renewal Schemes, Rural Development Policies, Infrastructure such as Roads or Housing Infrastructural development, Economic Development plans or Tourism developments to allow policies to be reviewed and their impact determined in a holistic manner.

What is a GIS?

A GIS (Geographical Information Systems) is a system that captures, stores, manages, analyses and presents data that is geographic or linked to location. GIS tools allow users to interact with data in a much more intuitive way - visually - by combining the power of traditional databases with the visualisation of a map! Virtually all data stored today has some sort of geographic element to it. This means this can be added to a GIS, analysed, interpreted and disseminated quickly and easily.

For Property | For Government | For Planning

Leverage Data

Holistic Analysis & Integrated Decision Making can be achieved by bringing together disparate data to provide an information rich environment. Distributions, patterns and trends can easily be identified, understood or disseminated.

Reduce Costs

Our data portal approach allow different organisations or government departments to quickly share, interact with and analyse disparate information. This obviates the need for individual 'silos' of information, each replicating server and development costs.


  • Spatial Analyses
  • Review Patterns & Trends
  • Profile Areas
  • Review Micro Markets
  • Assess Influence


  • Risk Assessment
  • Portfolio Review
  • Portfolio Trending
  • Site Evaluation
  • Site Valuation
  • Investment / Review


  • Browser based solutions
  • Spatial Analyses
  • Valuation Algorithms
  • Spatial databases
  • Spatial Web mapping services


  • Area Plans
  • Demographics
  • Strategic Policy
  • Property Information
  • Area Profiles 


  • Customised Reports
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to Word
  • Export to Powerpoint
  • Export as XML