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So what's the "cool" stuff we do?

We use maps to help us understand and explain things, such as property prices, land values, the viability of a construction development or the impact of planning schemes. Mapping information lets us better understand distribution, patterns or trends. It allows us to recognise geographic relationships, such as clusters of behavior, and gain an insight into why they are there. This process is called 'Geographic Analysis'. We provide geographic solutions and analysis to help our clients better understand and manage their data.

We are experts in developing spatial (geographic) solutions, especially for the Land, Property and Valuation sectors but we also provide bespoke application development for either spatial or aspatial solutions. We develop spatial databases, spatial web services, write regression or interpolation algorithms. We make lots of complex stuff work and look easy for our customers. Our Valuation (Assessment) Consultants can provide ad hoc analytical services or assist with any aspect of your Valuation (Assessment) business.

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